A few years ago, we set out to build a computing experience that would be faster, simpler, more secure, and more affordable. With the Chromebook, we want computers, and the wealth of online content, to be accessible to everyone around the world. So today we’re pleased to announce that our latest Chromebooks from Samsung, Acer and HP are now available in Canada.

Acer C7 Chromebook         Samsung Chromebook         HP Pavilion

Over the past few months, these Chromebooks have become a part of everyday life for many people - a computer for the kitchen, for on the go, or for sharing with family (or not). In the U.S. the Samsung Chromebook has been at the top of Amazon’s best-selling laptop list for 149 days since launch and in the U.K., Dixons says Chromebooks make up more than 10 percent of laptop sales in Currys and PC World stores.

All Chromebooks deliver a hassle-free computing experience with speed, built-in security and the simplicity of automatic updates. They’re easy to share with others because each person can have a separate account where all of his or her stuff is kept safe. Chromebooks also come with 100 GB of free storage on Google Drive*, so you can get to all of your stuff anytime, anywhere. And finally, if you’re an active Google user of products like Gmail, Drive, Search, Maps, YouTube, or Google+, everything just works seamlessly.

In Canada, the Samsung ($269.99) and Acer ($249.99) Chromebooks will be available at both BestBuy.ca and Futureshop.ca online and will soon be available in stores. The HP Pavilion Chromebook ($329.99) will be available at HPshopping.ca. These Chromebooks are also available to schools and businesses in Canada.

It’s been rewarding to work with our partners to make Chromebooks available in Canada, and we’re looking forward to launching more Chromebooks in the future.

*You will have 100 GB of free storage for 2 years, starting on the date you redeem the offer on eligible Chrome devices.